No chip’s on the shoulder here, just premium ingredients that are 100% natural. We use fair dinkum Victorian potatoes, high oleic sunflower oil and South Australian sea salt, alongside local and a few imported ingredients.  

  • Potatoes

    ‘Pomme de Terre’ is French for potato ‘Apple of the earth’. Our little and sometimes big apple’s of the earth are grown locally in Victoria. We use a handful of varieties of potatoes to make our chips, they only make the cut if they are crisp, golden and taste potatoey.

  • Seasoning

    Flavours make our world go round. First and foremost our seasonings are comprised of a few really good ingredients, Australia’s own Olsson’s Pacific Sea Salt, and a mixture of local and imported herbs and spices. All of our seasonings are Tailor-Made in house. 

  • Oil

    Since we like making chips that taste good, we use a premium cold sunflower oil. High in Vitamin E, it is a first press oil and is integral part of producing lovely golden, crunchy chippies.


There are no cutting corners when processing small batch kettle-cooked chips. At Chappy’s we follow the old-fashioned method of cooking low and slow resulting in a hard bite chip, aka Kettle-Cooked Chips.

Potatoes are sliced with skins on and cooked in small batches at lower temperatures south of 160 degrees. They are stirred and agitated throughout the process to ensure minimal sticking and chip diversity.

Each batch of finished chips should appear golden, bubbly and chip-like. The chippies are sorted and seasoned by hand with our tailor-made seasonings.

Read on for the full journey of humble spud to delicious Chappy:


First we select local GMO FREE spuds that we know will chip up a treat.


We begin the cooking process by slicing the potatoes into hot high oleic sunflower oil.


Freshly sliced chips are cooked in small batches by hand with a skimming rake.


Every batch takes approximately 7 minutes until they emerge from the oil, golden in colour, light and crunchy.


Hot chips are naturally hand-seasoned with our tailor made Chappy's seasonings.


Finally, Chappy's are packed and sealed tight in bags to keep fresh.


Satisfaction guaranteed when you make your next chip a Chappy's!