Our Story

Chappy’s started knee-deep in a huge pile of potatoes with a small fryer in a small food van. Kettle-cooked, well-seasoned chips was the goal, and a retro 50’s style branded chip brand is what followed.

Over the past 3 years, Chappy’s has established itself as the trendy hipster chip brand in a snack world saturated by big brands. Chappy’s HQ is made up of a small potato chip factory located in Oakleigh South, Melbourne, Australia. Chappy’s Chips has a cult following in Melbourne specifically and are found in various participating stores around Victoria. Chappy’s focus is to live, laugh and be Chappy. 

  • Good Produce

    Premium oil and select Victorian potatoes are our bread and butter.

  • Good People

    The Chappy’s family are proud chip punters and continue to build that familiar face.

  • Fun Times

    We are committed to bringing you moments of joy and light-hearted fun.

Our Team

The team at Chappy’s know a lot about the ins and outs of making a good chip! It would be silly not to mention that our production kitchen team is a well-oiled machine. We don’t take ourselves too serious, the only thing that matters is salt, potato, oil and C’happiness! We have a strong sense of family and connection that makes our time at work that much more enjoyable.